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Cheap Used Cars from Auctions

Paying big amounts for a car at a dealership leaves you with depreciation costs, which can be thousands of dollars a year. Unfortunately the motor car is a poor investment but we canít do without them can we? So basically the money we spend on cars is seen as a necessary expenditure and it would make sense to get the best deal possible when purchasing your car.

There are several auction sites on the net which auction off used cars that have been seized by banks or the tax man or are seized as part of the proceeds of crime laws. These used cars cost money to be kept in storage and are offered for sale at wholesale prices to get them out the door as quick as possible.

Yes, there is a certain amount of risk in buying at auction but if you are careful in your selection and have a mechanic look over any potential buys, the money saved makes it all worthwhile.

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Used Car Auction

In these sites used car purchases can be made through online bidding with the aid of a innovative user friendly database. These sites have over 500 000 auctions with direct access to sources. You will find cars of all makes and models from luxury to economy with bargains on used cars starting as low as $100.00, prices as low as 90% off book value. The car source includes bank repossessed database, government and police auction cars, seized cars and impounded cars.

Furthermore, you are assured of clean titles on automobiles. On the other hand, if purchase is made outside of US, sellers arrange shipping for out of country buyers.

There are a couple of down sides to buying at used auto auction and these need to be considered before buying. There is little chance of a refund once you have bid on and bought a used car, so you need to be sure that the car is right for you. The vehicle are sold on a Ďas is, where isí basis and no warrantee is offered so it pays to have a qualified person look over the car before buying.

Buy Quality Used Cars very Cheap from Auctions

Banner - Buy Quality Used Cars very cheap from auctions

People are choosing to buy cars from car auctions rather than car dealers for a number of reasons. Firstly because they have a chance to save a lot of money by getting a Quality used car very cheap compared to the actual market value of the car. Secondly, car dealers are in the business to make profit and push the vehicle prices up to serve their own interest. Unlike a car auction there are no stakeholders apart from the bidder. Finally, it has become very easy to find car auctions and accessing them online and this is very convenient for buyers .

Cheap Cars From Government Auction

Cheap Cars from Government Auction Banner

Government auctions are the best source of cheap cars available in the states. Most of the government auctions will have police impound vehicles and seized vehicles. These vehicles are held by the government because owners do not reclaim them. The owners are notified but they prefer to let it go due to fees and paperwork or sometimes their insurance cover has given them another vehicle. Government has no option but to auction it off for a very cheap reserve price to recover its costs associated with handling and storing the car. On the other hand, government has to sell vehicles from its own fleet to make way for newer cars and they have to sell at a very cheap price before it becomes a burden to them.

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